August 2017 Exhibition

Guest Curator: Taylor Robenault

Artist to Show:

Taylor Robenalt

Kevin Rohde

Travis Winters

Rachel Ballard 

Ben Lambert

Kenzuke Yamada

Jamie Bates Slone

Richard W. James

Kyungmin Park

Sara E. Morales

Ceramics Sculpture Culture 


Ceramic Sculpture Culture is collective of artists whose intent is to support and promote the growth and understanding of contemporary ceramic sculpture. Sculpture has always been a major part of the ceramics conversation and Ceramic Sculpture Culture would like to use its platform to encourage more growth in the sculpture area. Ceramic Sculpture Culture intends on accomplishing this ideal by showing as a group in galleries nationwide, creating and hosting informative workshops in studios and art centers, writing and publishing articles in contemporary art publications, and participating in panel discussions and symposiums throughout the year. We also intend on creating and maintaining a large social media platform that will highlight ceramic sculpture artists and will help create a massive image library for artists and consumers alike. We want to provide an avenue for ceramic sculptors to easily connect and communicate with one-another. Our hope is to encourage a new generation of younger artists to push the boundaries of their medium and to continue to forge a strong voice in the overall contemporary ceramics culture.


Ceramic Sculpture Culture wants to present a collection of figurative and representational ceramic artist to galleries, educational institutions, and art centers around the nation. We want to open share the ideas, techniques, and applications that go into our daily processes and work as a group of professional artists committed to expanding the practice of ceramic sculpting. The artists in this collective are united in our use of imagery to open up a dialogue of current social issues. Each one of these artists is committed to the medium of clay as a fundamental vehicle for their unique and modern expressions. With the use of dramatic imagery, unique surfaces, and social commentary, Ceramic Sculpture Culture will help to establish a new voice in the field of contemporary ceramics.

 August 4th we will be featuring Sarah Benforado, Cory O’Brien Borkowski, Chelsea Adele Nanfelt, and Ben Tyjeski in a pop-up show! Pop-up artists set up in front of the gallery from 5:30-8. 

Sarah Benforado

Sarah Benforado is a Jewelry and Metalsmithing Undergraduate at Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She splits her time between doodling in nearby coffee shops and working in the UWM metals studio. Her jewelry could be described as playful, minimalistic, and quirky. She draws inspiration from geometric forms, bright colors, and the act of experimentation with non-traditional materials. With her work, she aims to create more accessibility into the art jewelry realm. She is excited to explore the opportunities of internships, artist in residencies, and gallery employment after graduating.

Cory O’Brien Borkowski

Cory O’Brien Borkowski is currently pursuing her BFA in jewelry and metals with a certificate in Digital Fabrication and Design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Borkowski is currently working as a goldsmith at Kessler’s diamonds. Cory is also an active member and retired officer in a student organization, OBJECT, which specializes in creating art exhibitions, career building and community building. Cory spends her time creating bold bodies of work, collaborating with other artists, testing new techniques, and traveling.

Chelsea Adele Nanfelt

Chelsea Adele Nanfelt is currently studying at UW-Milwaukee. In May 2018, she will receive a BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing and a Certificate in Community Arts. In the meantime, Chelsea works as a Gallery Assistant at the Union Art Gallery and sells jewelry through Jewelry Box Studios, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Chelsea’s recent work has been inspired by objects in the made and hidden natural world. She has also found inspiration within the minimal designs of toys and furniture for children.

Ben Tyjeski

Ben Tyjeski is a ceramics sculptor, teacher, and architectural historian. Terra-cotta ornament on historic buildings inspires Tyjeski’s sculpture.  He specializes in reliefs, portraits, and decorative forms.  His studio is located at the Var Gallery in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee.  He also documents and writes about architectural terra cotta in the Midwest.

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