September 2017 Exhibition

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Joyce Symoniak

Nicholas Danielson

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September 1st  we will be featuring Nicole Woodard, Corey Michael Smith, Ethan Kastner, Ella Anderson, and Kristina Thalin in a pop-up show! Pop-up artists set up in front of the gallery from 5:30-8.

Nicole Woodard

Nicole Woodard is an artist from southeastern Wisconsin. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in ceramics from the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2017. Woodard's ceramic work focuses on issues in femininity and body image to create figurative sculptures as well as functional wares for everyday use. 

She's currently interning at James May Gallery for the next year, and hopes to attend graduate school next fall.

Ethan Kastner

Ethan Kastner is a multidisciplinary artist working in mostly ceramics and printmaking. His work is centered around community projects and dialogue as well as social situations in general, and is inspired by social justice, color combinations, and mark-making. He earned his BFA from the Peck School of the Arts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2017 and is currently organizing a studio and event space, “Yours Truly” with six other Milwaukee artists.

Ella Anderson

Ella Anderson is a fiber artist who recently graduated with a BFA from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Anderson uses surface design, fabric dyeing, and hand stitching to express emotion and experience, drawing influences from her daily routine, television, and paintings. Her work ranges from functional accessories to soft sculptures. Recently, Anderson received the Outstanding Student Award from the Surface Design Association, a textile publication and organization. Within the next couple years Anderson hopes to attend graduate school to further her education in fibers.

Kristina Thalin

Ever since Kristina can remember, she knew she was meant to be an artist. She pursued her dream on a full scholarship at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, where she received her B.F.A. in painting. Kristina works in several types of media such as: painting, drawing, mixed media, and installation work. Her work has been shown in multiple exhibitions in Florida, New York, and Georgia.

Kristina is a native of South Florida, and can never be too far from a beach. She loves being outdoors and exploring the world around her. Fascinated by the concept of chaos—order we do not yet understand—she creates work influenced by patterns found within nature. Through her artwork, viewers explore the order within the organic, and the more time spent examining the details in the work, the less chaotic it appears to be.

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