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Nathan Von Braun


Micron pen on canvas

78 x 50



Excluding Sales Tax
  •  Bio:


    Nathan Von Braun, a Wisconsin native, is a distinguished artist who brings his natural talent to life through each piece of work. After studying at the renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Nathan's career took off in the world of fashion and sports, with pivotal roles at prestigious companies such as Ralph Lauren, NBA, Champion, Under Armour, and Victoria's Secret. 


    His artistic versatility spans a wide spectrum, from reinterpretations of the classical Vitruvian Man to modern, vivid underwater scenes such as "Cheeky." Nathan's work is a testament to his ability to traverse time periods and styles while preserving his unique aesthetic vision. 


    For the past three years, Nathan has been meticulously preparing for his debut solo exhibition, the Zodiac Gala. This ambitious project reflects his devotion to the world of art and his ability to transform imaginative concepts into tangible masterpieces. 


    What distinguishes Nathan is not just his talent but his passion for commissioned art. He thrives on the collaborative process, working closely with his clients to create bespoke pieces that encapsulate their individual dreams. In every project he undertakes, Nathan's primary goal is to create art that resonates on a personal level with his clients, bringing immense satisfaction and depth to his artistic journey. Nathan VonBraun's world is not just shaped by art, it revolves around it, a testament to his commitment to his craft and his audiences.


    Artist Statement:


    In my inaugural solo exhibition, "The Zodiac Gala," I aim to intertwine the worlds of fashion design and traditional art to reimagine and humanize the Zodiac signs. Drawing inspiration from my extensive background in apparel design, I've sought to glamorize and personify each sign in a way that helps individuals form a deeper, more personal connection with their celestial counterparts.


     "The Zodiac Gala" sprung from my observation of the often superficial associations people have with their Zodiac signs. I saw a missed opportunity to explore these identities in a more intimate and profound way, transforming abstract symbols into accessible, relatable figures. 


    To achieve this, I incorporated live models into my creative process, capturing their energy and movement as a foundation for my Zodiac interpretations. Each sign has been reimagined as a life-size ink drawing, their traits and characteristics woven into their attire, posture, and expressions.


     I invite viewers to discover themselves anew within these works, to find resonance and personal narratives in the folds of the clothing, the curve of a line, and the gaze of each figure. Through my art, I aspire to evoke a positive emotion, a sense of familiarity and understanding that perhaps wasn't there before. 


    "The Zodiac Gala" isn't merely an artistic exploration of astrology—it's an invitation to reframe our understanding of self, to deepen our connection to the cosmos, and to celebrate the diversity and complexity within each of us.

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