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September 2019 JMG

SOMATIC SHAPES: Featuring the work by: Barbara Campbell, Molly Oblinger, and Liz Rundorff Smith

SOMATIC SHAPES: (so·mat·ic), adjective; relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.  


Thank you Barbara Campbell Thomas for the idea for the title.


Thomas writes, "[The artists] are all using shape (both negative and positive) in less typical ways.  We work with geometry, but it's not hard edged at all.  I actually had the sense of these shapes as being bodily, of breathing at times.  And I sense the varieties of surfaces reveal a real interest in all of us to play with different textures--abrasion, varied surfaces, etc.  Somehow the notion of the body is in play--and yet the overt flatness of shape is too."

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