upcoming exhibitions 

James May Gallery


Feb-April:  TENSION IN THE ORDINARY | WINTER INVITATIONAL: Cristian Andersson, Karla Lauden, Melissa Dorn, Elyse Krista Mische

May: Art of Water IV

June-Aug: INDETERMINATE SPACES, INTUITIVE PLACES: Emmett Johns, Ute Bertog, Lisa Bergant Koi, Kayla Plosz Antiel

Sept-Nov: RITUAL, HOPE, DESIRE: Brian Frink, Mira Gerard, Andrew Hendrixson

Oct-Nov: SPACES BETWEEN: Lisa Wicka, Whitney Sage, Michael Banning

Dec-Jan: EVERY DAY IS FUN WITH US: Craig Hill, Meredith Olinger, Marjan Khorram, Andrea Alonge



Feb-April: PLANT, ANIMAL, GROWTH, DECAY, POTATO: Jaron Childs, Shannon Estlund, Vince Palacios

April-July: BIOPHILIA: New Paintings By Matteo Neivert

May: Art of Water V

June- Aug: COVID COLLAGES: Reni Gower

June-Aug: Anne Stevens, Kelly Justice, Kassandra Palmer

Sept-Nov: April South Olson, Scott Leipski, Kaylee Dalton

Dec-Jan: Susan Maakestad, Tim Day, Kristen Woodward, Nicole Foran, Molly Burt