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 upcoming exhibitions 

James May Gallery


Feb-April:  TENSION IN THE ORDINARY | WINTER INVITATIONAL: Cristian Andersson, Karla Lauden, Melissa Dorn, Elyse Krista Mische

May: Art of Water IV

June-Aug: INDETERMINATE SPACES, INTUITIVE PLACES: Emmett Johns, Ute Bertog, Lisa Bergant Koi, Kayla Plosz Antiel

Sept-Nov: RITUAL, HOPE, DESIRE: Brian Frink, Mira Gerard, Andrew Hendrixson

Oct-Nov: SPACES BETWEEN: Lisa Wicka, Whitney Sage, Michael Banning

Dec-Jan: EVERY DAY IS FUN WITH US: Craig Hill, Meredith Olinger, Marjan Khorram, Andrea Alonge



Feb-April: PLANT, ANIMAL, GROWTH, DECAY, POTATO: Jaron Childs, Shannon Estlund, Vince Palacios

April-July: Flora Fauna: New Paintings By Matteo Neivert

May: Art of Water V

June- Aug: COVID COLLAGES: Reni Gower

June-Aug: Survival of the Unexpected: Anne Stevens, Kelly Justice, Kassandra Palmer

Sept-Nov: Layered Daydreams: April South Olson, Scott Leipski, Kaylee Dalton

Dec-Jan: Near & Far Light: Susan Maakestad, Tim Day, Kristen Woodward & Nicole Foran


Jan-Mar: Authentic Obsessions

Feb-April: Brett Angell: Solo Exhibition

Mar-May: Elizabeth Rose, Ellen Weider, Kelsey Overstreet 


June-Aug: Dept of Painting & Drawing U of Iowa

July: Karen Gunderman: Solo Exhibition

Aug-Oct: Joan Moriarty, Jane Michalski, Eleanor Sabin, Denise Presnell

September: Megan Magill: Solo Exhibition 

Oct-Dec: Amanda Sweet, Katherine Duclose Rose, Katherine Adkins

Nov-Jan: Wisconsin Visual Artists


Jan-Mar: Cristine Buth Furness, Dustin Price, Meredith Star & Dayna Leavitt

Feb-April: Kim Mathews, Michelle Jones, Raul Ortiz, Emily Moores

Mar-May: Todd Jones, William Ruller, Bryan Robertson

April-June: Shawn Carney, Catherine Reinhart, Margaret Hull, Helen Dolan


June-Aug: Katherine Steichen Rosing, Scott Mossman, Peter Abrami

July-Sept: Lauren Woods: Solo Exhibition 

Aug-Nov: Carey Waters, Paden DeVita, Steve Bleicher

Sept-Nov: Lydia Dildilian, Lorna Ritz, J Myszka Lewis

Oct-Dec: Linda Price Sneddon, Lindsey Tucker, Lisa Raabe

Interested in Exhibiting with us?

JMG reviews artist submissions twice per year. If you are interested in exhibiting with us, please send us your resume/bio, at least 10 high quality images, and anything you would like us to know about your practice! We are an artist-run, woman-owned gallery and are very supportive of our artists.

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