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August/September 2019 JMN

BEYOND EARTH & SKY: Featuring the work by: Kristen Neveu, Hilary McCarthy, Emily Pettigrew, and Kaylan Buteyn

Opening Reception: Aug 2 5:30-8:00

Exhibition runs Aug 1- Sept 28 2019

Emily Pettigrew:

  Emily Pettigrew is a representational painter, whose work is distinguished by a sparseness, subtlety, and timelessness, and emanates a quiet reverence for both history and nature. The aesthetics of her narrative acrylic paintings, which often depict single figures and landscapes, were defined by formative years in Maine and refined by study in the New York art scene. Pettigrew explains: “My love for the starkness of the landscape of my childhood, is reflected in a spartanism in my work. My foundational principle of painting, is the removal of excess parts—a paring down to an image’s most beautiful elements.” Pettigrew graduated from Pratt Institute with a B.F.A in Communications Design and a minor in Art History. Her work has received awards and recognition from both American Illustration and the Society of Illustrators including the 2013 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Award.

Her favorite color is green and her favorite number is 6.    


Hilary McCarthy:

Hilary Robin McCarthy is a contemporary painter who lives and works in NYC. Her works are included in collections in the United States and internationally. She earned a BFA from Hartford Art School, an MFA from New York Academy of Art and is currently studying at Columbia University for another degree in Art History. She's attended art residencies in Puglia, Italy; Johnson, VT; Leipzig, Germany and Provence, France.

Her paintings are visual poems about the awe of nature. She mainly focuses on horses, birds, bodies of water and figures in water. Her current series, The Weight of Oceans, highlights the beauty of the ocean along with it's importance in looking at climate change, rising sea levels and thermal expansion.



Kaylan Buteyn:

Kaylan is an artist living and working in rural Tennessee. She is an avid gardener and dedicated locavore. Kaylan is the mother of three children, Finley Reynolds (age 6) and River Rae (age 2) and Zeke Adrian (infant) and paints about the painful and joyful perspective of mothering, using abstraction as a framework for processing the complexities of her identity as a mother & artist. Kaylan is an active member of her community, and she and her husband lead music weekly at their church where Kaylan serves as Worship Arts Minister. Kaylan is also host to the the popular Artist/Mother podcast.


Kristen Neveu:

A life-long artist and music lover, Kristen Neveu paints to clear her head and calm

anxiety. She was born in West Point, NY, while her father was in the U.S. Army’s Military Academy Band.


Growing up in the Midwest, she took many years of piano, clarinet and singing. A

perfectionist and hard on herself kid, she abandoned her future dreams of becoming an artist when she received a “C” on a drawing of a VW bug in 5th grade art class.

She returned to painting after college when she began working in an office everyday

and she craved a creative outlet.


Neveu’s paintings are reminiscent of her musical past, with a flowing and detailed

movement. There are also patterns of nature-related themes layered into the work,

bringing to mind topographical maps and abstract landscapes.


Also skilled in photography, Kristen’s work experience includes Warner Bros., Getty

Images and educational publishing.


Selected past gallery exhibitions include The Saw Room @ The Alley Gallery, Swell

Gallery, Polvo, Tony Fitzpatrick’s Adventureland Gallery, Judith Racht Gallery, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Los Angeles Barnsdall Art Gallery, and Woman Made Gallery.


Kristen’s paintings are in the collections of many art lovers, including actors Michael

Shannon, Joel McHale, and Eddie Jemison.


She currently resides in Evanston, IL with her husband, writer Brett Neveu, and her

daughter, Lia. They have two wonderful dogs, Pepper and Muffin.


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