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12 Questions: Heather Macali

1) What are 1-3 books that have influenced your life?

Miss Frizzle series, Rainbow Brite, and The 5 Love Languages.

2) What are you currently working on?

I am working on a couple projects. 1 - Tetromino - A Tetris and Litebright inspired interactive installation. 2 - I am researching soft sculpture with the technique of jacquard weaving. The textiles woven use pattern, color, light, and weave structure development to play with the visual nature of the sculptures. 

3) How has failure set you up for later success? What was your favorite failure?

I don't know if I view anything as a failure. I try and learn from everyday to be the best I can be.

4) What is your most unusual habit?

I guess I would say.... I like to eat things in a specific way. For example: I always eat the inside of a cookie last and I always rip and dip my pancakes with my hands - no utensils necessary ;)

5) If you could have any painter, living or dead paint your portrait who would it be and why?

Any child under 5. They don't have the rule book yet :).

6) What is the most indispensable item in your studio/workspace/office? What is your studio like?

My studio is quite small currently, so it is pretty organized - which I do not prefer. I like to have material and equipment out b/c I tend to gain inspiration and creative encouragement from my surroundings. I moved my studio into my home and had to downsize. Hopefully within the next 12 months I will have a different work space.

7) When you feel overwhelmed or uninspired what do you do? What do you do to get out of a funk? What questions do you ask yourself?

I usually do anything else other than my creative practice if I feel uninspired. I do not force my creativity and that tends to keep my work flowing. I think we all need to be well-rounded. I like to bake, workout, watch movies, be social, visit with family, talk to strangers, spend time with my animals and partner, etc. 

8) Who/What influences your work?

I am an abstract artist who uses formal design elements to create visually stimulating installations. I reference the iconography from the 1980s/1990s pop culture. Specifically the cartoons, toys, and board games. My work featured at the James May Gallery was created with "Candyland" and "Transformers" as visual inspiration and references. I am an artist, designer, and crafts person. All of these categories are important for me to be successful in my practice.

I love the work of Bridget Rilley, Yayoi Kusama, and Victor Vasarely.

9) Do you collect anything?

I don't think so .... Maybe some would say jars and containers.

10) What words of advice would you give to your younger self?


11) In the last five years what new belief, or habit has most improved your life or studio practice? 

In general I have become much more comfortable with my work and stopped comparing my work / my choices with others. We are all unique and have a variety of gifts to share. 

12.  Share an inspiring image.

Heather's work is available on ARTSY and on view at James May Gallery as a part of the exhibition: SUDDEN CHANGE OF WIND.

Exhibition dates: December 6 - January 25

James May North

219 State Street

Algoma, WI 54201


Thursday- Saturday 10-5


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