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12 Questions: Joshua Lawrence

This week’s questions are answered by my business mentor Joshua Lawrence. For the past few months I have been involved in The Green Bay Packers Mentor-Protégé program. 

The Green Bay Packers Mentor-Protégé Program pairs emerging businesses (protégés) with established, knowledgeable and committed companies (mentors) to help provide exposure, resources and guidance in order to reach the next level of business growth.

Joshua has been an amazing resource and friend throughout the program and I am learning so much about running a business. After all, I did get an MFA not an MBA! The most important thing he has taught me thus far is to be comfortable, being uncomfortable and to challenge myself daily. This has been an amazing experience so far and I thank the Green Bay Packers and especially Joshua for guiding me through the challenges of being an entrepreneur.


Here are the 12 questions:

1. What are 1-3 books that have influenced your life?

-The Giving Tree, - Shel Silvertein

-Lone Survivor, - Marcus Luttrell

2. What are you currently working on?

Mentoring a phenomenal young business woman to help her expand her business to new heights. It’s helping the both of us to grow our creativity and expand further from our comfort zones.

3. How has failure set you up for later success? What was your favorite failure?

In my first year in agency, I missed our All American Award. I was so disappointed in not hitting that goal that it has been my personal EXPECTATION to earn this title annually. Since that first failure my agency has never missed an All American.

4. What is your most unusual habit?

I have a very precise (but not overly quirky) morning ritual that I never deviate from during the work week. Weekends are a different story, but Monday-Friday is very consistent and precise. I am definitely a creature of habit so to speak.

5. If you could have any painter, living or dead paint your portrait who would it be and why?

Michelangelo. I think it would be awesome to see what theme he would come up with for a painting of myself.

6. What is the most indispensable item in your studio/workspace/office?

In addition to my incredible staff, the most indispensable item in my office is our mission statement. It keeps us on track and grounded and serves as a constant reminder for why we do what we do and that is helping people in times of need.


7. When you feel overwhelmed or uninspired what do you do? What do you do to get out of a funk? What questions do you ask yourself?

I talk it out. I voice what’s bothering me, re-evaluate my goals to ensure they are feasible then I look for ways to improve my current process.

8. What is the most life-changing thing you have bought for under 100 dollars in the last year?

A Pizza Oven! Pizza is a necessity in my household.


9. Do you collect anything?

Sports memorabilia. Sports have had a very big impact on my life from an early age. I have learned many valuable qualities such as leadership, discipline, and work ethic from sports and I love collecting images that capture these qualities in a photo.


10. What words of advice would you give to your younger self?

Keep working hard and having fun. Life changes in an instant as should your priorities as life progresses. Work hard and play hard, always make time for family and friends and find a healthy balance.

11. In the last five years what new belief, or habit has most improved your life or studio practice?

I have always believed in keeping things simple no matter how difficult the task or challenge is. Always set manageable goals and remember to celebrate even the smallest of wins. Look at mistakes as a way to grow yourself and never let a mistake define who you are.

12. Share an inspiring image.


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