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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We are very excited to announce that we will be doing Art of Water this year. I cannot believe that this is our fifth year! It has always been one of my favorite exhibitions.

A few changes this year...

-We still lack a physical space so the exhibition will be online through Artsy again.

-Pay what you can option (we have a student rate, mid, and pro). We know it has been a tough year for many, we hope this option gives you greater ease and flexibility. It is still a lot of work on our end to put together the exhibition- even if online only. There is still a great deal of marketing we do, a lot of data entry, and website/ Artsy costs.

For this reason we are limiting entires to one per person. So give us you best!

-Entries are due March 31st at midnight.

-Email your high resolution image (at least 3000 pix on longest side) to

-Pay what you can HERE Due to the pandemic we acknowledge the challenges people have faced. we have a sliding entry fee scale. Pay what is appropriate to your situation.

-Our normal 50/50 commission

-One entry per artist this year.

-Also submit: bio/ statement, title info, medium, date created, size, pricing, where the piece is signed, birthplace, current residence, birth date, and current contact info

I will be sending a contract out after March 31st with details. The show will be online through Artsy and work must be for sale. You keep the work and if it sells clients help pay shipping. You must be prepared to ship the work within 6 business days if it sells. We have a 50/50 commission.

And be sure to check out the exhibition when it opens on Artsy May 1st!

We look forward to the exhibition this year! I was unsure if it would actually happen but there continues to be a high level of interest!

Here are a few of my favorites from the past shows!

Brian Sindler

Tom Uebelherr

Vince Palacios

Tim Day

Nichole Shaver

Raul Ortiz

Karla Fuller

We cannot wait for us all to be able to get together in a beautiful light and art-filled space in the future! Thank you all for your support through the years. We are excited that this will be the 5th year for Art of Water! Something to celebrate!

James May Gallery

Dousman, WI


Please continue to support us by visiting our Artsy page or feel free to contact us:



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